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Inverter COTT 155

Ref web: 04137
Double case welding equipment Efficient design for welders improves functionality and performance Welders with Hot-Start, Arc-Force, Anti-Stick
Welding intensity MMA 150A
Performance MMA 40ºC(20ºC)35%(50%)
Usable electrodes MMA1,6 - 4,0 mm
Peak current170A
Regulation range MMA10-150A (20,4 -26V)
Intensity MMA 60%/100% at 40ºC90A/65A

Application range:

  • Metal constructions in multiple household applications, maintenance and repair.
  • Welding of different types of coated electrodes.

Main features:

COTT models are INVERTER welding equipment of coated electrodes that stand out for their high versatility and wide range of applications. This range reaches surprising values in terms of its relationship weight-volume-performance, being
useful both for private work, as well as for maintenance in the industry.

  • Equipped with Anti-stick, Arc-Force devices and Hot-Start.
  • Connectable to generators with a wide voltage range.
  • 3.5 kg, which are extremely compact and portable.
  • Ease of use thanks to the INVERTER technology that supplies DC current.
  • Minimum consumption through its high energy efficiency.
  • Maximum reliability and resistance thanks to its double housing construction.
COTT 155 1,6 2,0 2,5 3,25 4,0
Electrodes/H CONT CONT CONT 35 10