SOLTER® since its beginning has been dedicated to manufacture the highest quality, by exhaustive quality control on all its products and meeting with ISO 9001:2008.

Product Quality

  • Solter designs and manufactures specific equipment for every need.

  • The products are designed and optimized to have excellent ergonomics and ease of use.

  • Solter ® products offer an excellent price / productivity ratio.

  • The welding equipment is manufactured in Spain (Campdevanol), with the latest technology components to ensure durability and superior performance.

In Solter ® the quality is not only in the process of designing, manufacturing and distribution, but covers all areas of the company, such as customer service or after-sales service.

Quality of Service

Solter top priority is to have a fast and good interaction with the customer / user, offering multiple forms of contact and support, to facilitate communication whatever the reason for the contact / consultation, providing technical support to any questions regarding our products or with the welding.

Customer Service Phone

Spain: Tel. 902 431 219 / e-mail: / Fax. 972 712 157

International: Tel. (+34) 972 730 084 / email: / fax. (+34) 972 712 157

We serve in several languages.

Customer service

Solter® has several After sell service points in Spain and around the world.


Another factor that differentiate Solter, is the delivery time on new products, with most of products in stock, Solter offers an excellent delivery time.

Solter®, understand the quality as a target in the company, covering all processes involved in PRODUCTION / SALES / CUSTOMER SERVICE / AFTER SALES, improving day by day to satisfy customers with the highest requests.