Ref: HSGII-1.0KW

KSM 70S-6 ø 1.0

Recommended price: €43.00
Offer price: €37.74
Recommended price: €43.00
Offer price: €37.74

Steel wire coil Ø 1mm D300 15Kg


Copper wire for MAG welding of carbon steels. In its composition it has high content of deoxidizing elements with Mn and Si. Winding layer by layer. • Non-alloy and fine grain structural steels. Naval steels A, B, D, E. • It can work with any filler material transfer. • For high performance jobs, in semi-automatic or automated welding. • For the manufacture of metal structures, hoppers, bodywork industry, metal furniture, etc. • As a special application this wire can be used in the submerged arc process in combination with our POP 170, POP 175 or POP 185 flow for the reconstruction of cast and forged steel trunnions and crankshafts, manufacture of LPG tanks, etc. p>

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