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CORE 400i

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1,060.00 €

  • Supply Voltage
  • Dimensions
  • Usable electrodes MMA
  • Usable electrodes TIG
  • Protection index
  • Intensity at 60%(100%) a 40ºC
  • Intensity MAX.
  • Regulation board
  • Weight
  • Absorved power max.
  • Regulation
  • Duty Cycle at 40ºC
  • Ventilation
  • OCV
  • Imax

This combination does not exist.

· Inverter de 400Amp al 60%.
· TIG Lift-Arc.
· Equipo de soldadura industrial para trabajos continuos con cualquier tipo de electrodo incluso celulósicos y TIG.

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Main features:

Three-phase Industrial Inverter Welder (3ph - 400V) and 400Amp power. Capable of welding with any type of electrode, including cellulosic or aluminum. Great arc stability and superior performance either through the use of extension cords or connected to generators. The ideal equipment for assemblies and large structures that require continuous work.

Intensity at 60%(100%) a 40ºC 306A (237A)
Intensity MAX. 400A
Regulation 15-400A
Duty Cycle at 40ºC 35%
Usable electrodes MMA 1,6mm-5.0mm
Usable electrodes TIG 1.6mm-4.0mm
Supply Voltage 3~400V±15% 50/60Hz
Absorved power max. 20kw
Imax 29A
Dimensions 510×240×420
Protection index IP21S
Regulation board SOLTER DIGITAL
Weight 23Kg
Ventilation Forced Auto.