Quality policy and certificates

The quality policy of Solter Soldadura, S.L. consists in:

  • Satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers.

  • Meet the requirements.

  • Analyze our context and identify our weaknesses, threats, strengths and opportunities and act accordingly.

  • Identify, analyze, evaluate and treat the risks of the company to apply actions to address them.

  • Continuously improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.

  • Design and maintain management for processes, whose effectiveness can be measured, and operating conditions that encourage all the organization's staff and our suppliers to achieve:
    The objectives that are defined at all times.
    The prevention of quality.
    Continuous improvement in the quality and productivity of our products and services

  • Always respect the applicable laws and regulations.

At SOLTER® we move away from the ordinary and seek perfection in all our processes, in our products and in our day to day.

SOLTER® complies with the following certifications:


We comply with regulations ISO on quality management.

ISO 9001: Ensures compliance with the requirements for a quality management system, focused on continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

Download ISO 9001 Certificate