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  • Supply Voltage
  • Dimensions
  • Usable electrodes MMA
  • Usable electrodes TIG
  • Fuse
  • Protection index
  • Intensity at 60%(100%) a 40ºC
  • Intensity MAX.
  • Standards
  • Regulation board
  • Weight
  • Absorved power max.
  • Regulation
  • Voltage range
  • Duty Cycle at 40ºC
  • Ventilation
  • OCV

This combination does not exist.

· 200Amp inverter at 60%.
· Equipped with welding accessories and XL case.
· Valid for generator.
· TIG Lift-Arc.
· All types of electrodes, including aluminum.

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Main features:

The DIRT models are INVERTER equipment for welding covered electrodes and TIG, thanks to the "arc-sense" technology they can weld any type of electrode, including aluminum.

· New "Arc-sense" technology, allowing to weld any type of electrode
· Ease of use thanks to INVERTER technology supplying direct current DC.
· Minimum consumption due to its high energy efficiency.
· Connectable to generators with a wide range of voltages of use.
· Equipped with Arc-Force and Hot-Start devices.
· Possibility of TIG welding.
· DIGITAL regulation.

Intensity at 60%(100%) a 40ºC 160A (135A)
Intensity MAX. 200A
Regulation 20 - 200A
Duty Cycle at 40ºC 40%
Usable electrodes MMA 1,6mm - 4,0mm
Usable electrodes TIG 1,6mm - 2,4mm
Supply Voltage 230V - 1Ph
Fuse 16A
Absorved power max. 9kva
Voltage range 220 - 240V
Dimensions 370x166x280
Protection index IP21S
Standards EN-960974-1, EN-60974-10
Regulation board SOLTER DIGITAL
Weight 6kg
Ventilation FORCED